SEO: Starter

  • Primary keywords: 2
  • Secondary keywords: 6
  • Total keywords: 8
  • Onsite recommendations: Yes
  • Offsite work: Yes
  • Tiered Backlinks: Yes
  • Content syndication: Yes

SEO: Intermediate

  • Primary keywords: 5
  • Secondary keywords: 15
  • Total keywords: 20
  • Onsite recommendations: Yes
  • Offsite work: Yes
  • Tiered Backlinks: Yes
  • Content syndication: Yes

SEO: Professional

  • Primary keywords: 15
  • Secondary keywords: 45
  • Total keywords: 60
  • Onsite recommendations: Yes
  • Offsite work: Yes
  • Tiered Backlinks: Yes
  • Content syndication: Yes

We offer 3 standard 'off the shelf' Seach Engine Optimisation packages. These consist of the same basic elements which can be scaled up to target as many keywords as you wish to rank well for.

All packages offer a fully managed service and include:

  • completely free consultation time
  • free online performance tracking system *
  • unlimited advice with all packages
  • unlimited on the page reviews +
  • unlimited keyword research

* we'll provide you with an online performance tracking system where you can log in at any time and see the progress of your campaign.
+ for any given page we can produce a report detailing how best to improve the page to rank well.

The basic principle behind any SEO effort is to ensure search engines can ‘see’ how authoritative your site is on your chosen subject. Search engines want to return the best answer to searchers queries they can. It’s our job to ensure search engines can tell that your site is the site to go to to answer that query. Search engines use a huge number of different factors to figure out what it is the users is looking for and which site is likely to best supply that. Firstly they look at the users search query, they look at the searchers previous queries and they look at similar queries from other users to try and narrow down what the user actually wants and which sites appear to have provided a good response in the past. Then they look at the sites they have in their index for sites that appear authoritative and trustworthy. Some of the factors they look at to measure a site’s authority are:

  • Quality of the site – can it be reached, can all the pages be reached, can it handle the traffic, is it trying to do something duplicitous, contain broken links or missing document logic?
  • Any meta info that can be extracted – language of the site, country to which it’s most relevant, format of images files & scripts, robots.txt, XML sitemaps, text sitemaps, etc.
  • Content of the site – quality of the content, has it been written primarily for users, is it ‘spammy’ (contain too many keywords, contain too many links etc.), does it offer duplicate content, is the content updated regularly?
  • Website audience and community – do users to the site generally bounce straight back to the search engine to try again, do they hang around for some time, do they bookmark the site, do they Facebook Like it, or Tweet it? Does the site have a vibrant blog with many users and busy comments, does it have a vibrant Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn / Pinterest etc. profile?
  • Inbound links – does the site have a large number of other sites linking into it i.e. are lots of people talking about and referencing this website, are those links from other authority websites, are they relevant etc.?

Therefore the basic principle behind our SEO efforts is to look at these 5 areas and ensure your site stands out.

If you would prefer a different approach or more intense campaign please contact us to discuss a bespoke promotion.


Link Metric's search engine optimisation work took us from a brand new site, not even listed in Google let alone ranking for any of our highly contested terms, to page 1 in Google in 12 months.

For many of our top performing terms we now have 4 or even 5 separate pages in the top 10, we dominate the first page of results!

Our increase in traffic has been phenomenal; I can't recommend Link Metric enough.

Tim Taylor, Foster Fridge
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